Monday, February 06, 2012

Who Da Punk (Mini-msft) surrenders

The defeatist drumroll for Microsoft has overcome one of my favorite bloggers, "Who Da Punk" of Mini-MSFT fame.

Purportedly a senior manager of Microsoft posting an anonymous blog these last eight years, "Mini" has been an ineffectual - but insightful - proponent for change. His/her blog has also been a useful avenue for Microsoft insiders (and fakers purporting to be) to vent their anguish at the misdirection of the company, its processes and HR issues. It has also become a hater focus. The comments on prior posts are quite interesting and can give more insight into the Redmond giant's internal processes and history than they might like. They're still available.

But new ones are no more. In his latest post Mini makes it clear that he can bear the incessant depression no more. He's hanging up his insider geek hat and will not vet comments any more. After 8 years, he gives up. He may comment on the quarterlies, but he'll not allow comments until the blogging software (this very one!) allows user moderation.

That's the stated reason anyway. My guess is that Microsoft has upgraded their web intelligence and he's fearful of being found out.

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