Monday, August 27, 2012

Thanks to a documentary on Netflix and some Googling I now have the street address of the home of a Toynbee tiler who may be the genesis of an enigma I've been following for 30 years.
I could go sit on his porch now until he must come out and try to bond with him, but that seems an evil pushy thing to do even if we're both equally loony. I would if I must, but I don't see the need to make him suffer that.
It turns out he's a paranoid schizophrenic paranoid for a good reason (see the movie), and he doesn't want to engage the public. He just wants his meme known. He's been real creative and persistent about it, so I say lets give it to him. Lets validate his fantasy and explore the question he so desperately presents that he found a new way to engage us in his question, the tiles.
Let's have the public talk about Kubric's 2010, and how it references Toynbee's theories about molecular regeneration, and maybe resurrection. Toynbee's work was original and seminal to many other great works. Toynbee was an overlooked visionary genius. The Toynbee tiler was too, in a different way as he has forced us against our will to examine his premise through sheer persistence and force of will.
This needs must end with his participation in the discussion, but let's lure him out rather than forcing him out. Give him the respect he deserves for intriguing us for 30 years, and he just might speak and give us some insight into why he has teased us so.

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